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Past Events

Levantando Volunteer Day at Cultivos Patria Mia

Levantando volunteers getting down and dirty on Saturday, May 4 at Cultivos Patria Mia farm in Cidra. 


● Complete build out for two 40 foot long raised planter beds
● Haul, mix, and spread 160 square feet of soil for raised beds
● Plant 96 pots of Aji Dulce sweet peppers
● Plant onions, peppers, romaine lettuce, and arugula starts in the raised beds.

April 2024 Volunteer Day in Humacao

Levantando joined forces with PR I Love You volunteers on Saturday, April 6 for a working farm day at Finca Nueva Creación farm in Humacao. 

We had an incredible turn out of volunteers join us through out the day to accomplish many tasks. Accomplishments include:

● Primed and painted the sheep barn
● Cut and hauled 200 African Tulip Trees to make room for fruit trees
● Cut 4 very large African Tulip Trees to make room for fruit trees
● Carried escaped chickens back to their paddock
● Cleaned two barn stalls and spread fresh hay
● Assembled a 15-tray worm breeding cabinet
● Set up 20 new worm-breeding trays
● Cut and shredded dried plantain leaves for worm trays
● Prepared multiple planting rows in the new market garden
● Built 4 trough feeders for pastured egg-laying chickens
● Carried and stacked pallets
● Replaced wheelbarrow tire
● Installed trailer hitch on ATV
● Cut apart broken metal tent frame for disposal
● Helped with evening chores

2023 November 5 Feat on the Farm Fundraiser

Feast on the Farm Fundraiser

Feast on the Farm fundraiser event at La Finca Dulce Vida in Ceiba on November 5, 2023

Foodie Festival Benefiting Farmers

Foodie Festival Benefiting Farmers fundraiser event at the Yacht Club Marina Palmas del Mar, Humacao on November 19, 2022.

Unable to attend? Donate here! is a Puerto Rico based 501 (c) (3) and 1101.01 (a) (2) charity approved for CECFL supporting small farmers with equipment, education, and other resources with the goal of enabling sustainable communities. es una organización es una organización benéfica con sede en Puerto Rico 501 (c) (3) y 1101.01 (a) (2) aprobada por el CECFL que apoya a los pequeños agricultores con equipos, educación y otros recursos con el objetivo de posibilitar comunidades sostenibles.