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Hurricane Fiona Cleanup – Donations in Progress

We are asking for immediate funding to help our agriculture producers following Hurricane Fiona in September 2022. The immediate need is to provide equipment to clear fallen trees and organic debris into mulch / groundcover for damaged farmland. Currently, the majority of farmers are performing property cleanup with hand tools and chainsaws. This backbreaking work is slow and inefficient. Mechanized tools save farmers time during cleanup and faster planting for recovery.

Small farmers lack equipment for occasional big jobs! Commercial equipment rentals are often cost prohibitive for small farmers, even then the right tools and equipment are often unavailable at any cost!

Levantando is obtaining these highly sought-after tools and equipment for our small organic farmers in Puerto Rico to use in exchange for in kind donations to other farmers or small donations to cover the maintenance of the equipment.  

Please give generously to support disaster recovery for agriculture in Puerto Rico. We are focused on providing support to small, local organic farmers. Many farms report between 30-70% crop loss due to high winds and devastating floods from Hurricane Fiona.

Your donations fund the equipment purchase for these shared tools for small farmers, allowing them to plant, grow, and harvest organic crops more efficiently.

Purchase physical shared tools for clean-up efforts and replanting crops including:

  • Machinery for tree & organic debris clean-up
  • Chainsaws & chainsaw blades to clear access roads
  • Seeds for replanting and nursery equipment
  • Cultivation tools & seeders
  • Repair and replacement materials for damaged structures and farm infrastructure

Projects in Progress – Ready for Funding

  • Purchase physical shared tools; chipper shredder (multiple sizes), tractor accessories, cultivation tools, seeders, miscellaneous tools to increase production / harvest.
  • Bee hive relocation to farms, bee hive equipment, and basic beekeeper training for farmers to maintain bee hives on property to increase pollination for higher yield crops
  • Create agriculture resources to promote sustainable community including shared physical resources, education workshops, training, and information resources (bilingual “How to” documents and shared contacts).
  • Funding educational workshops; supplies & materials, paid experts to create curriculum and share across Puerto Rico.
  • Acquire shared space for Agriculture hubs – place to conduct workshops, distribution & delivery coordination of produce to restaurants and farmers markets, packaging facilities, equipment storage, on-site workshops, and education centers.